Langkawi Nature Festival 2012

Langkawi Nature Festival : A Celebration of  Langkawi’s Birds & Butterflies  23-25 November 2012

Natural History Tours Sdn Bhd is pleased to organize our very first Langkawi Nature Festival 2012. The LNF will be geared toward a celebration of Langkawi Birds , Butterflies  and wildlife. 226 species of birds on Langkawi including the magnificent Great Hornbill, the rare Brown Winged King Fisher , the Mountain Hawk Eagle, Black Hooded Oriole , Blue Winged Pitta and a host of other magnificent birds awaits you. With an impressive count of over 500 species of butterflies not easily encountered on the Peninsular, the butterflies to look out for in Langkawi will be the exquisite Green Banded Peacock, cryptic Oak Blues, Crows and Tigers  and other winged jewels anticipating your presence!  An added bonus would be if new records or species are discovered along the way for both birds and butterflies.

LNF’s aim is to develop a bird & butterfly list of Langkawi Island over a 28 hour field trip that will be named the Big Bird and Butterfly Count. Amongst other activities that are set to take place are an Eco Walk for Nature at Gunung Raya  , Nature Workshops and  Talks by renowned naturalists, scientists and photographers as well as a Nature Trade & Exhibition Fair  for exhibitions and merchandise sale.

LNF 2012 is set to be an outing for Langkawian families, friends, travelers and visitors alike with a difference! Embark with us on a journey to celebrate the wonders of Nature bestowed upon one of the world’s most beautiful group of islands. As well as indulging your passion for wildlife, your presence and participation in the LNF will certainly be significant toward the awareness and passion to conserve and protect our unique flora and fauna.

Your support in making the LNF a memorable event and your contribution to the conservation of nature on the island is deeply appreciated.

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